Is CCTV that important?

Is CCTV that important?

For those of you who do not know, CCTV stands for Closed Circuit. This is a security camera, which can be installed in residential and commercial buildings. It has become an essential amenity in all households around the world, small or big. It gives people peace of mind and a more secured feeling in the pit of their stomach when they leave their home. Different individuals use surveillance systems for various purposes. It can be used to prevent shoplifting, to monitor vandalism, to have eye on high-risk areas, to oversee cash registers and employees.

So is it essential?

With the help of CCTV, we can see the ongoing process and the recorded one. Hidden camera systems are also very useful to see someone’s real behavior or attitude, perhaps in the workplace. These cameras are mainly useful by police though. The presence of CCTV reduces many crimes and safety is very important in life, so installing a reliable CCTV is a good move and pretty essential in our eyes. As the saying goes “action speaks louder than words” – this is true in case of CCTV.

Why are mobile apps so important for home security systems?

Apps are incredibly important in our lives. We use them to bank, share photos, watch videos, read the news and send messages. That said, apps are constantly evolving and they’re extremely important in the home automation sector. You can use your mobile phone to shut your curtains, turn the heating on, and switch on lamps. These aren’t always necessary for every type of homeowner and we understand that, however, CCTV monitoring should be!

When you buy any CCTV system or surveillance kit for your home, you should make sure there is a user-friendly mobile app for the specific system you’re planning to use. Good security brands will have their own dedicated app so check the reviews as you’ll be using it on a daily basis. Whether you want to check who’s been to your door, see the dog is okay or grab all important evidence when a neighbour trespasses, you can do everything you need to with the use of a dedicate mobile app which allows you to control each of your CCTV cameras. What’s more you can also use the app to manage the files it produces.

Enhance the security of your shop after hours

There is nothing frustrating as being held up in a robbery, more so armed robbery! If you want to keep your cash, employees, customers, products and equipment safe, then you need to be very careful, especially if you have a late night store. Many businesses present too many opportunities for robbers unknowingly through lack of emergencies and poor cash handling. Investing in equipment, training and safety can be very wise, but one of the most important factors in ensuring your staff are very diligent in preventing your store from being the target of robbers or thieves.

Generally, you should always keep front and back entrance well-lit. Always keep the rear and side doors locked at late hours too. By doing this, it will be very difficult for anybody to sneak out with a stolen item without being noticed. It’s even better if you employ someone to keep a watchful eye on any potential thieves who are taking products from the rear and you should also, of course, ensure you lock up thoroughly when the working day comes to an end. Always ensure that your alarms are in good working condition too. Notify the police in case you have a request to keep your shop open after usual business hours. Try as much as you can to have a little amount in the premises and deposit the larger portion into the bank. Educate your employees about potential robbery scenarios and if possible assign them what to do in case there is a robbery. Install CCTV cameras facing your front counter, this may work as a deterrent to the robbers.

It would be good if you install surveillance cameras to capture footage and help identify any robbers too. Put the cash register in places that are easily seen like near windows so that passersby can see what is happening. Witnesses are so important, and the more you have, the better. Hide cash drawers under the counter as this will give robbers a harder time trying to figure out where to perform a hold-up. Even if you don’t have much money to invest in heavy security, you can try out these great tips to be safe at late hours in your shop. So many people now require corporate security London, even very small shops and family-run businesses, but at the end of the day, even without a great deal of budget for security, there are certain things you can be doing to improve security and add more protection for your customers and employees. It may not be your duty to deal with burglars, this is a job for the police, but you do need to be doing all you can to keep your shop safe, especially if you’re open at night when the chance of being burgled heightens considerably.

Make sure you make an effort in 2018 to improve the security of the shop, you will certainly thank yourself for it should a robbery ever take place.

Improve your home’s security by installing a new front door

Apart from giving your home curb appeal, your front door is also supposed to offer safety to you and your family. If your front door is not strong enough or is showing signs of ageing, the wise thing to do would be to replace it. Statistically, in the United Kingdom, burglaries occur more in homes with no security measures in place. A majority of the robberies happen to private or residential properties. Most homeowners take this important asset for granted due to their long lifespan. Your security should be a top priority. Installing a new front door is one of the fail-proof ways to enhance home safety. It is your responsibility to pay close attention to the condition of your front door and its continued appeal. Most home invaders break in through the front door.

Poorly maintained doors gives burglars an easy job. Regular front door inspections should include examining the hinges and frames. Hinges should be protected and the frames strong. Note that if your door has a mail slot, a burglar can use it to unlock the door. Burglars usually study the neighbourhood and look for easy targets. Ignoring the need to reinforce your front door will make you a victim of crime. Do not sacrifice your security and that of your family for a pretty view. Most traditional front doors cannot provide the required protection. Installing a peephole and a deadbolt can make a big difference. They will make your front door even more secure. When purchasing a deadbolt, do extensive research before choosing any brand. Do not compromise your security with cheap models. To keep yourself safe, invest in a stable, well hung and sturdy front door. A strong and kick-proof exterior door will improve your home’s security significantly.

Which Door Should I install?

Front doors are made of many materials that include wood, steel and fibreglass. The materials vary in appearance and quality. Choose a door that fits your budget and needs. Let’ say you need a door replacement London, why not go for a really strong material? Wooden doors are usually rather pricey and vulnerable to damages like scratches and dents. They have an excellent appeal but lack long-term functionality. Steel doors are more functional, secure and cheaper than wooden doors. They are however unappealing and also susceptible to damage. Fibreglass doors are the real deal. They are resilient to both scrapes and scratches and appealing to the eye. These doors do not interfere with your front door decorations if you have any.

DIY Vs. Professional Installation

Replacing a front door is an easy DIY task that most homeowners can handle on their own. If, however, you do not feel up to the task, look for a trustworthy and accredited professional. The cost of hiring a professional may seem expensive, but it will give you the much-needed peace of mind. Professionals have the required experience to do the job right.


In today’s busy world finding time to focus on the safety of your home can be hard with the many bills to pay and responsibilities on your neck. Find time to improve the security of your home. Installing a new, secure front door is an effective barrier against home intruders.

Top security measures for your home

Protecting your home is always a top priority, that’s why we have put together a list of the best ways to keep your home safe from unwanted intruders.

CCTV- Installing a CCTV system in your own home is easier than ever. There are many cheap options that provide adequate protection and surveillance for your home. This footage can be used if needed to identify any criminal entering your home illegally.

Alarm- Alarm systems are a deterrent for any intruder as the loud sound creates attention towards your home. The alarm system can alert you directly to your home to make you aware if your alarm has gone off.

Sensored lights- Burglars like to work in the dark, so by adding light directly to the subject is automatically a deterrent to your home.

Locks- As simple as it sounds, but adding good quality locks on all entry points to your home is highly recommended. Difficult locks will make it harder for an intruder to enter your home, adding secure locks to any entry to your gardens is also a recommended security measure.