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Do dummy security cameras work?

Security cameras are a great way to deter potential crimes being committed in your home or business but often come with a high price tag, due to this some people use dummy security cameras in hope it will still act as a visual deterrent, but the question is do they actually work? They may deter […]

Are security dogs a thing of the past?

Many people own a dog to help secure their home or work property, however, with the new awareness of animal cruelty, owning a dog for this purpose is a thing of the past. Guard dogs should only be used by professionals such as police, as these dogs have been highly trained. A guard dog may […]

Can doorbell cameras improve your home security?

Regardless of whether you live in a quiet suburban neighbourhood or a busy city, providing security for your home is extremely important. While CCTV is a great way to detect intruders, doorbell cameras are becoming popular over recent years, providing similar protection to your home. Doorbell security camera installation offers a convenient, easy, and affordable […]