Monthly Archive May 2015

5 Reasons Why You Need a Burglar Alarm

There are so many homes in the UK that lack burglar alarms, but unfortunately owners will only realise their mistake when they’ve been burgled. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a burglar alarm:

  • It’s a deterrent – Potential burglars will be put off if they see you have an alarm fitted.
  • It does the job – Burglar alarms are extremely loud and sensors ensure they’re activated extremely fast.
  • They compliment other household security items like CCTV, security doors and secure locks.
  • They’re cheap to buy and easy to install.
  • They ease your mind and can be set up to notify the police immediately.

Obviously there are many different systems to choose between, but even the most basic burglar alarm will offer a good degree of protection, whilst a non-functioning alarm will act least act as a deterrent. If your home doesn’t include an alarm, make sure you get one fitted soon, because you’ll only regret the decision not to invest in one after you’ve been burgled.