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Working In Conflict Zones

August 26, 2015 Comments Off on Working In Conflict Zones By admin

Even in war zones, the show must go on. For businesses, this means that enterprise is still occurring and surging ahead, even when there is a conflict going on, and in the case of foreign businesses going over to these conflict zones, the risks can be very high.

Dealing with risk is an everyday concern for businesses, but it is quite different when the risk is to your employee’s health and security. This very serious type of risk needs to be addressed in a very serious way, and this means providing adequate protection for your personnel and any other resources they take with them.

For this level of protection you need to be prepared to hire a significant security detail. There are a number of different options in this area, and the one that you choose should be based upon necessity. It may be enough to hire a single bodyguard/guide for your employees, but if they are a bigger target you’ll need to hire more people and maybe even a convoy protection service for when they’re in transit.