Monthly Archive November 2015

Security Grilles

Security grilles are a prominent method for securing premises. They are not difficult to keep up, they are considerably less demanding offer high levels of security whilst looking great and decorative. Some of the retractable grilles are so secure, they are tried, and affirmed by insurance agencies.

Security for the Business

In shop retail stores, security grilles are stylishly satisfying whilst permit stock to be visible securely 24 hours a day. In workplaces they let the light in and you can even open the windows for natural air and ventilation without a compromise on security. Intended to keep interlopers out while letting greatest light in, they are ideal for any medium to expansive window and any vulnerable ground floor entryways or windows.

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The AUDS UAV Defense System

The rise in the number of drones in recent years has resulted in numerous security breaches and invasion of privacy as drones fly over private and restricted areas. Even though drones are incredibly useful when used in a legal, professional and ethical manner, many people are using drones for spying, making political statements and even transporting contraband and illegal items.


To effectively deal with the ever increasing drone menace, three British defense companies have developed the AUDS UAV Defense System – the world’s first integrated system that is able to identify, track and disrupt a drone that is deemed to be flying over restricted areas like military installations , airports and private property.

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