Monthly Archive September 2016

Mobile streaming your CCTV footage

Your home is the most important building you’ll ever step foot in. You should protect it with all your might, even when you’re not there. One of the best ways in which you can do this is by purchasing CCTV cameras for you home. With CCTV cameras you’re able to give police quality evidence to help them catch anyone who trespasses on or burgles your property. With today’s technology, you’re able to stream your cameras live on your mobile phone using an app. With a mobile CCTV app, you really will be watching the inside or outside of your house live. Some people buy these to keep an eye on the house, the pets or to keep an eye out on the neighbours. CCTV technology has improved considerably over the last five years and mobile streaming has taken it one step further. Consider getting CCTV cameras with a mobile app if you want to upgrade your home security.