Monthly Archive March 2018

Why are mobile apps so important for home security systems?

Apps are incredibly important in our lives. We use them to bank, share photos, watch videos, read the news and send messages. That said, apps are constantly evolving and they’re extremely important in the home automation sector. You can use your mobile phone to shut your curtains, turn the heating on, and switch on lamps. These aren’t always necessary for every type of homeowner and we understand that, however, CCTV monitoring should be!

When you buy any CCTV system or surveillance kit for your home, you should make sure there is a user-friendly mobile app for the specific system you’re planning to use. Good security brands will have their own dedicated app so check the reviews as you’ll be using it on a daily basis. Whether you want to check who’s been to your door, see the dog is okay or grab all important evidence when a neighbour trespasses, you can do everything you need to with the use of a dedicate mobile app which allows you to control each of your CCTV cameras. What’s more you can also use the app to manage the files it produces.