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Best Home Burglary Deterrents

Burglary of a home typically brings financial and psychological damage and costs. A recent US research study showed that it takes, on average, four months to recover financially and mentally from the stresses of dealing with a break-in. In many cases, UK citizens can face expenses of £700-£3,000, in repairs and replacing stolen goods. You should take steps to help protect your home and business from being an easy target. From interviews done with convicted burglars, here are six of the top deterrents to help reduce the risk of burglary:

1. The presence of an alarm system (especially a monitored one)
2. CCTV is an important factor to target selection
3. Lighting, especially motion sensor lighting is a helpful deterrent
4. Clear presence of strong locks on doors and windows
5. Having a tv or radio on, in the premises can be a deterrent as it will seem like people are present
6. Vehicles parked outside also can discourage potential thieves