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What is Remote Security?

October 27, 2022 Comments Off on What is Remote Security? By Andy

Now that technology is an integral part of security there are new options to reduce costs and increase security. The recent pandemic has seen businesses unoccupied or with low occupancy changing the security needs of the business. Also with rising costs, there is a need to reduce costs wherever possible and this may include security. 

Remote guarding can offer the same benefits as manned security with extra advantages, whilst reducing cost by 65-80%.

While there is an initial cost of CCTV, this is quickly recovered when considering what a manned guard or team would cost over the same period. Savings can also be made using cloud storage reducing the burden of physical/digital methods. 

As well as cost savings there are other benefits, 24/7 monitoring is automatic, convenient and flexible being able to monitor hard-to-access spots. Reduces internal/external threats and records and collates solid evidence.