Are security dogs a thing of the past?

Are security dogs a thing of the past?

May 23, 2020 Comments Off on Are security dogs a thing of the past? By Andy

Many people own a dog to help secure their home or work property, however, with the new awareness of animal cruelty, owning a dog for this purpose is a thing of the past.

Guard dogs should only be used by professionals such as police, as these dogs have been highly trained. A guard dog may bite or injure someone which could result in the dog being put to sleep.

There are many other forms of security that provide great protection without the use of an animal. Security cameras, provide good quality footage of your premises, whilst an alarm system will alert should you have any intruders. Light sensors and fencing can all work as a deterrent and will help provide great security to your property.

Dogs and other animals should be kept as pets rather than a security measure, to avoid any animal cruelty.