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VIP Protection – Essential Skills

March 12, 2015 Comments Off on VIP Protection – Essential Skills By admin

VIP protection can be very demanding, and it requires a lot of dedication. A bodyguard can be the difference between life and death, and they have to be alert at all times. A good bodyguard will be able to do the following:

  • Perform detailed threat analysis
  • Plan out safe routes in advance
  • Securing safe destinations
  • Drive clients to and from engagements
  • Provide round the clock protection

VIP protection is about saving an individual’s life, and these roles are often available to those who have proved they can deal with a hostile environment. VIP protectors will often work as part of a small team, and usually many security qualifications are required to be considered for these roles.

Being a bodyguard can be an exciting role, but it’s tough, challenging and often physically demanding, and you have to be mentally prepared to excel in this type of position.

Access Control Systems for Retail Stores

February 28, 2015 Comments Off on Access Control Systems for Retail Stores By admin

Access control systems have been around for quite some time, and many large retail stores will include these on their ‘staff only’ doors. There are various types of these systems available, including digital keypads, proximity readers, swipe card readers and finger print recognition systems among others.

All of which offer a good degree of security, whilst digital keypads tend to be the most common. The only issue with these is that you will regularly have to change the codes when your personnel changes, so you have to keep up to date.

Key fobs are ideal because they offer quick access, whilst fingerprint recognition systems can take a few attempts, depending on the quality of the access control system. Swipe card readers can be just as useful as key fobs, but both of these can go ‘missing’ so you will need to deactivate fobs and cards when they become ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’.

Manned Guarding in a Corporate Environment

February 23, 2015 Comments Off on Manned Guarding in a Corporate Environment By admin

Manned garden is needed in many industrial and corporate environments, and sometimes there’s no better protection than actually having a security guard on watch. Surveillance equipment can aid security personnel in their work, but machines can’t take action, people can.

Manned guards are often used in construction, retail stores, shopping centres, logistics and offices among other industries and you can hire services for a short period of time or invest in your own security officer. Many events also require manned garden, such as football matches and gigs, and officers must be able to use their judgement and initiative to maintain public order.

Manned guarding is proven to protect people and properties, and it could be something your business needs to consider now or in the near future, so make sure you choose the right individual or security company for your requirements.