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Dog spotting – Is it now part of the security industry?

Having CCTV cameras used to be about protecting your property, picking up evidence on burglars, vandelisers and trespassers, but there’s a lot more to it now. You only have to look at the some home CCTV products and their packaging to see that dog watching now plays a big role in the home CCTV game. Many people buy cameras to live stream footage of their dog, being able to spot whether he or she is misbehaving. It’s great if you have a puppy who’s playing up and it means you can better understand the animal. It also means you have footage in place should anyone attempt to break in. Though home CCTV cameras used to be strictly designed to catch offenders, it’s now moved on and dog watching is now part and parcel of this security area!

Mobile streaming your CCTV footage

Your home is the most important building you’ll ever step foot in. You should protect it with all your might, even when you’re not there. One of the best ways in which you can do this is by purchasing CCTV cameras for you home. With CCTV cameras you’re able to give police quality evidence to help them catch anyone who trespasses on or burgles your property. With today’s technology, you’re able to stream your cameras live on your mobile phone using an app. With a mobile CCTV app, you really will be watching the inside or outside of your house live. Some people buy these to keep an eye on the house, the pets or to keep an eye out on the neighbours. CCTV technology has improved considerably over the last five years and mobile streaming has taken it one step further. Consider getting CCTV cameras with a mobile app if you want to upgrade your home security.

What To Look For In A Security Company Manchester

There are many different reasons to hire a security company. Maybe you live in a country with unrest and upheaval like the UK or a high crime neighbourhood in the inner city. It could be that you are gone a lot, and want the peace of mind that your family and property is protected. Whatever the reasons are, there are some definite things that you should be on the lookout when it comes to security services.

One of the first things you want to check with any security company is the experience, and how much they understand your needs. The length of time in service is a good indicator of experience. Newer companies may not have the necessary expertise to deal with some situations. These companies may fall through in certain circumstances, jeopardising your safety.

Another thing you want to shop for with a security company Manchester is the types of services offered. These may include audio and video monitoring, patrol, installing fences and gates, and the security services you need will be able to do it all. You don’t want a security company that outsources any of these services – you will want one company that provides it all so you can trust them.

Another feature you will want from a security company is whether they are bonded. This term differs from country to country, but it means that each of the company’s employees with the security services operation has been through an intense background check. The company is only as strong as those it employees, and often security companies have inside cases of theft or worse. Ensure the security company you buy service from is dependable.

Hours of service are necessary as well. Will your security company have someone on call every day, 24/7? Make sure there is always someone available, and that there are scheduled times to patrol the area. This means that you know someone is watching out for your home or company, and they can have the police at the door right away if there is anything out of the ordinary.

There are other factors that you will want to keep in consideration as well. The average response time in an emergency shows how reliable they are. You also want to find out if they can implement security with existing features, or if you will need to get entirely new equipment. The initial setup charge and installation fees are a factor, as well as contract length and the monthly monitoring rate.

A security company Manchester will use the best state of the art equipment, and have high-tech control systems. This will be set up at your location and the security services headquarters. There should also be two to three backup systems, in the event, there is power loss due to storms, power outages, or other blackouts.

You and your family deserve to hire the best security company. This might mean you need to do some initial background checks of your own on the security services you want to hire. Once this is done, you can rest assured that you are safe and secure, knowing you can trust the company you will be working with.

Personal Safes for Travelling

There are many personal safes to choose between but not many of them are suitable for travelling. If your backpacking and want a  compact safe to store your small valuable possessions, then you may want to consider the Helix Personal Safe. If you want a secure storage solution in the hostel or hotel room, the Helix personal safe includes a tether with a small-scale solution and more importantly, peace of mind. The tether is tied inside keeping the lid nice and secure, so it will seriously take a long time for a determined burglar to crack this safe. Personal safes can be great for travelling and this compact solution could be just the ticket. It’s very affordable too, whilst it’s finished in black so it’s not easy to find when stored in a dark place. Even though it’s relatively strong you should always keep it well hidden otherwise it may draw attention.

Adding CCTV to your office

Most offices are home to very expensive equipment such as computers, monitors, printers and scanners to name a few. That’s why many people choose to install CCTV cameras, aiming to protect their equipment from burglars. With CCTV cameras, you have a deterrent straight away, and even if the most committed burglar chooses to proceed with a robbery, you’ll have the evidence  needed to assist the police, giving you a chance of getting your goods back whilst also speeding up insurance claims.

Having CCTV cameras outside the building and inside the office will be very beneficial, and you only need to install the cameras in a few places, making sure you have clear views of any openings. You can then stream footage live on your mobile device, whilst you can scan through the footage when you next arrive at work to see if anything fishy went down.