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Why are mobile apps so important for home security systems?

March 14, 2018 Comments Off on Why are mobile apps so important for home security systems? By Andy

Apps are incredibly important in our lives. We use them to access our bank accounts, share photos, watch videos, read the news and send messages. That said, apps are constantly evolving and they’re extremely important in the home automation sector. You can use your mobile phone to shut your curtains, turn the heating on, and switch on lamps. These aren’t always necessary for every type of homeowner and we understand that, however, CCTV monitoring should be!

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Improve your home security by installing a new front door

December 21, 2017 Comments Off on Improve your home security by installing a new front door By Andy

Apart from giving your home curb appeal, your front door is also supposed to offer safety to you and your family. If your front door is not strong enough or is showing signs of ageing, the wise thing to do would be to replace it. Statistically, in the United Kingdom, burglaries occur more in homes with no security measures in place. A majority of the robberies happen to private or residential properties. Most homeowners take this important asset for granted due to their long lifespan. Your security should be a top priority. Installing a new front door is one of the fail-proof ways to enhance home safety. It is your responsibility to pay close attention to the condition of your front door and its continued appeal. Most home invaders break in through the front door.

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Personal Safes for Travelling

August 2, 2016 Comments Off on Personal Safes for Travelling By admin

There are many personal safes to choose between but not many of them are suitable for travelling. If your backpacking and want a  compact safe to store your small valuable possessions, then you may want to consider the Helix Personal Safe. If you want a secure storage solution in the hostel or hotel room, the Helix personal safe includes a tether with a small-scale solution and more importantly, peace of mind. The tether is tied inside keeping the lid nice and secure, so it will seriously take a long time for a determined burglar to crack this safe. Personal safes can be great for travelling and this compact solution could be just the ticket. It’s very affordable too, whilst it’s finished in black so it’s not easy to find when stored in a dark place. Even though it’s relatively strong you should always keep it well hidden otherwise it may draw attention.

Adding CCTV to your office

July 12, 2016 Comments Off on Adding CCTV to your office By admin

Most offices are home to very expensive equipment such as computers, monitors, printers and scanners to name a few. That’s why many people choose to install CCTV cameras, aiming to protect their equipment from burglars. With CCTV cameras, you have a deterrent straight away, and even if the most committed burglar chooses to proceed with a robbery, you’ll have the evidence  needed to assist the police, giving you a chance of getting your goods back whilst also speeding up insurance claims.

Having CCTV cameras outside the building and inside the office will be very beneficial, and you only need to install the cameras in a few places, making sure you have clear views of any openings. You can then stream footage live on your mobile device, whilst you can scan through the footage when you next arrive at work to see if anything fishy went down.

Dummy Security Camera – our shrewdest investment

March 23, 2016 Comments Off on Dummy Security Camera – our shrewdest investment By admin

We’ve invested a lot of money in home security over the years, but our dummy security camera which we purchased for less than £10 has to be up there wit the best. It’s essentially a fake CCTV camera that takes AA batteries and flashes constantly to give the impression that the camera is live. Our garage was burgled several years ago, and since we’ve fitted this fake camera we’ve had no problems a all. It’s fitted to the brickwork, and our guests are none the wiser. They all wave to it and believe it’s working camera. We always feel a little bit more secure when we go away for a vacation with this nifty little device, and it has to be one of the best deterrents out there. Sometimes you don’t have to spend lots of on security, a detterent like this is usually enough.