CCTV Cameras - What about the running costs?

CCTV Cameras – What about the running costs?

Okay, so we all know CCTV cameras are a lot cheaper now than they were 10 years ago, and you could spend £20-£50 on a reliable home security system. The problem is, many people often forget about the running costs. We’re not just talking about the electric costs of running the camera 24 hours a day—which can be high—we’re also talking about the time spent on organising the footage and wiping the memory from time to time.

Time is money, and that’s especially the case today when we’re all too busy at work. Cheap CCTV units don’t usually have large memory drives, meaning they can only hold several days worth of footage before they need to be looked at or saved to another hard drive. This is obviously no good if you’re going on holiday for a couple of weeks and you want to keep your CCTV cameras running. You may have to pay someone to visit your home to make sure the camera is working as it should, so it may be beneficial to pay a bit more on a unit with a bigger drive and a self-organising function.