Upgrading your Security Camera

Upgrading your Security Camera

Technology is constantly evolving, and sometimes it’s wise to update your security camera. In fact, if yours is more than 5 years old, it’s seriously out-dated. Today you can buy wide angle, HD security cameras, while some models even include night vision.

This type of security camera will give you the clearest shots of burglars and vandals, and paying out that little bit more can serve you well in the long run. A modern state-of-the-art security camera will monitor driveways, offices and warehouses with ease, and you can even remotely view footage online using your mobile device.

There are plenty of high-end models available, and if you’re looking to splash out on a new system, make sure you get your moneys worth and consider the features we’ve talked about in this post. You should also make sure the recorder has a lot of memory, so that you can store more than a week’s footage at any one time.

TV Simulating Burglar Deterrent

Improving security in your home doesn’t always have to be expensive, you can buy very cheap deterrents that are proven to work, and one classic option is a TV simulating burglar deterrent.

This device creates a visual deterrent to intrudersand burglars; giving the appearance that someone is at home watching TV. You may wonder why people don’t just leave their televisions on. Well you can, but this device is very eco-friendly, and it actually uses less power than a night light. Statistics show that 90% of intruders will not enter a property they think is occupied, and that’s the main advantage of this device.

It is important to remember that this is only a deterrent, and it’s not going to guarantee you safety, but at such a low price it’s worth buying, especially if there’s a chance it can prevent your home from being burgled.

Secure Entrance Doors

A secure entrance door can drastically improve the safety of your home, and a solid door structure can be single, double or bullet proof, while the strong frame can be backed up by a multi-point locking system.

Every aspect of a security door is built to deliver optimum security, with solid metal layers and a pvc coating. On advantage with these systems is that they no longer have to look different to other entrance doors; they can be finished in a range of styles depending on the style of your building.

Whether you’re looking to add protection to your home, commercial building or industrial property, a secure entrance door can prevent burglaries and break-ins, making it a wise investment going forward. These doors are built to last, and they can be complimented by secure windows and garage doors, but please note prices vary depending on specification.

VIP Protection – Essential Skills

VIP protection can be very demanding, and it requires a lot of dedication. A bodyguard can be the difference between life and death, and they have to be alert at all times. A good bodyguard will be able to do the following:

  • Perform detailed threat analysis
  • Plan out safe routes in advance
  • Securing safe destinations
  • Drive clients to and from engagements
  • Provide round the clock protection

VIP protection is about saving an individual’s life, and these roles are often available to those who have proved they can deal with a hostile environment. VIP protectors will often work as part of a small team, and usually many security qualifications are required to be considered for these roles.

Being a bodyguard can be an exciting role, but it’s tough, challenging and often physically demanding, and you have to be mentally prepared to excel in this type of position.

Access Control Systems for Retail Stores

Access control systems have been around for quite some time, and many large retail stores will include these on their ‘staff only’ doors. There are various types of these systems available, including digital keypads, proximity readers, swipe card readers and finger print recognition systems among others.

All of which offer a good degree of security, whilst digital keypads tend to be the most common. The only issue with these is that you will regularly have to change the codes when your personnel changes, so you have to keep up to date.

Key fobs are ideal because they offer quick access, whilst fingerprint recognition systems can take a few attempts, depending on the quality of the access control system. Swipe card readers can be just as useful as key fobs, but both of these can go ‘missing’ so you will need to deactivate fobs and cards when they become ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’.