Safes - Why you may not need to break the bank

Safes – Why you may not need to break the bank

Many people invest in security safes, but do you need to splash out on a heavy duty safe that can’t be cut open with a chainsaw? You need to make a decision on the items you’re hoping to protect. How much are the items worth and can they not just be insured instead?

Budget safes are no more than a deterrent. It doesn’t matter how bulletproof your pin code is, the material is the most important aspect. Even thick steel can be cut into with the right cutting machine, so are there cheaper alternatives? Yes, and insurance is one option, but costs can soon mount up if you’re insuring a range of exensive items. High security safes can be rather bulky and industrial, so they may not really be suitable for your home or small business either.

It’s always important to think carefully about the items you’re looking to protect. If it’s money, can it not just be stored in a bank? If it’s jewellery can it not be insured? If it’s important documents, can they not be copied and stored safely away elsewhere, perhaps in multiple locations? Just remember you don’t always have to pay stupid amounts for a safe that will never see any action, so think carefully about what you’re protecting before you throw money down the drain.