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Adding CCTV to your office

July 12, 2016 Comments Off on Adding CCTV to your office By admin

Most offices are home to very expensive equipment such as computers, monitors, printers and scanners to name a few. That’s why many people choose to install CCTV cameras, aiming to protect their equipment from burglars. With CCTV cameras, you have a deterrent straight away, and even if the most committed burglar chooses to proceed with a robbery, you’ll have the evidence  needed to assist the police, giving you a chance of getting your goods back whilst also speeding up insurance claims.

Having CCTV cameras outside the building and inside the office will be very beneficial, and you only need to install the cameras in a few places, making sure you have clear views of any openings. You can then stream footage live on your mobile device, whilst you can scan through the footage when you next arrive at work to see if anything fishy went down.