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Security on your construction site

May 9, 2017 Comments Off on Security on your construction site By Andy

Construction sites are becoming a popular target for theft, crime and vandalism, this is due the expensive tools and machinery left on these sites overnight. Construction sites tend t be left unattended during the weekend, nights and even bank holidays, making this a popular time for thieves to get to work. Tools and other equipment is what the burglars are after, as these items can easily be sold for large amounts of cash, which is exactly what they are after.

If you own and construction site, it is recommended to put in place some preventable measures, such as 24 hours lighting, having the place lit up puts thieves off entering as they do not want to be seen. Secure fencing around the entire area with durable padlocks will make it a hard/ near impossible route in for potential intruders. Also adding CCTV, as this automatically sends thieves away and keeps your site safe and secure, ready for the workmen to get straight to work the next day.