Aluminium vs steel: what’s best for a commercial door

Aluminium vs steel: what’s best for a commercial door

December 8, 2018 Comments Off on Aluminium vs steel: what’s best for a commercial door By Andy

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best material for a commercial door. Some of the factors include durability, price, and resistance to rust and Eco-friendliness. Commercial doors have a higher volume of use and are also subjected to higher aesthetic scrutiny by workers and clients as compared to private doors. Therefore, the doors have to be of high functionality and great appearance. Steel and aluminium doors are some of the most popular materials used for commercial doors.

1. Appearance

The steel material is paintable and stainable therefore offering a variety of designs. Most commercial buildings use steel doors that are designed to mimic the look of wood. The appearance turns out great since the material brings out various traditional and contemporary wood designs. Aluminium doors offer a variety of paint options too, and with the right paint job, the material brings out great looks. In the case of appearance, steel does it better than aluminium.

2. Corrosion and rust

Aluminium offers a variety of advantages regarding corrosion and rust. Aluminium has a passivation layer making the material resistant to corrosion and rust. Therefore, it fits best in coastal and high humid areas. Steel has a low-resistance to corrosion and rust and that’s why there are so many steel doorsets on the market these days. However, steel doors can be coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Coating doors add extra charges. Therefore, aluminium is preferred in preventing rust and corrosion.

3. Durability

When considering durability, steel doors are better than aluminium doors. Steel is harder than aluminium. Aluminium doors are partially dent-resistant. Aluminium is susceptible to dents, dings, and scratches. However, steel doors are strong and have a high dent-resistance quality. Aluminium is of lighter weight as compared to steel. Aluminium doors should be considered for high-volume used doors due to lightness. For strong and durable doors, steel is the best option.

4. Price

Steel tends to be more costly than aluminium due to its quality in durability. However, higher-quality aluminium doors are also available and costs as much as steel. For an average budget, a customer can opt for average-quality aluminium doors. However, steel doors are much durable and will reduce the maintenance cost over time.

Also, in welding, aluminium is more difficult to weld as compared to steel. Therefore, in the door-and-frame installation, steel doors are much easier designed and installed as compared to aluminium doors. Aluminium doors are easier to open and close due to lightness, hence, becomes more energy efficient as compared to steel doors.

Both steel and aluminium materials have their pros and cons. The choice for the best door depends on the various factors above and others. Aluminium doors are rust resistant and cheaper while steel doors are durable and bring out a great appearance. For commercial buildings, steel doors are better for use.