How tall should your driveway gates be?

How tall should your driveway gates be?

October 11, 2018 Comments Off on How tall should your driveway gates be? By Andy

When determining how tall you want your driveway gates to be, there are a few things to consider. First, what is the purpose of your driveway gates? Are you seeking security or privacy?

If you want privacy, you would want the gates to be tall enough to keep that privacy, however, if security is a top priority, you would want the gates to be tall enough to keep your home and family secure. The good news is that there are many driveway gates for sale so it’s actually quite easy to find one that’s right for your needs.

If you want to use your driveway gates as more of a decoration piece than privacy or security, you will most likely not want them to be the maximum height. You will want to view your property from where you will have the gates and determine what you would like seen of your property and where the cut off will be of the top of the gate.

One thing to keep in mind is your neighbours. It is mindful and respectful to speak with your neighbours about your driveway gates and how it may affect them. Whether it leaks into their boundaries or even to just inform them of what you are doing.

It is required that you get permission prior to adding or changing your gates if it is over 2 metres tall. This includes adding trellis panels if you already have an existing gate if it brings the height over the limit of 2 metres tall.

It is always advices to speak with your local planning authority when you are ready to begin any new construction or additions in order to determine if there are any provisions you need to follow.

There are many attributes that could require permission from your local planning authority. These include adjacent highways, tall hedges, trees, open communities, etc. The local planning authority will want to review your design and ensure it is in compliance with all local provisions.

The key to determining how tall your driveway gates should be is determining what you are using the gates for. Always remember your neighbours. Determine if you are wanting security or privacy. Check with your local planning authority to determine their laws and provisions. Anything over 2 metres will need authorisation.