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Monitor your home from your mobile phone

August 20, 2017 Comments Off on Monitor your home from your mobile phone By Andy

With the constant development of technology, protecting your home has become a lot easier. Many homeowners are choosing to pay for home security packages that include a mobile phone link up. This system allows you to control your homes security system from your handheld device, and you can also watch live CCTV of your home.

This type of security system comes at a price, however, it helps to lower your home insurance costs and helps deter potential burglars. Many homes without CCTV and a good security system become an easy target for intruders.

You can access your home security system at any time, with a simple touch of a button and you can even watch your home whilst away on holiday too. This helps provide you with the peace of mind that your home is safe, meaning you can enjoy your time away without the worries.

Find a trusted company that can assess your homes security needs and install the system at a reasonable rate.

Added security for your business

July 13, 2017 Comments Off on Added security for your business By Andy

We all know that taking care of what we love is protecting those who are near us as well as the equipment we own. Outdoor shutters are a valid protection method that guarantee safety, whether it’s the safety of your home or your business. Adjustable shutters can provide you more or less light, so you get a good amount of control but you can choose manually operated models using a cord or lever system, or you can choose the very convenient version to operate the shutter blades with the remote control. Security shutters are a useful and elegant way to keep your business or your home safe. This type of shutter can be connected to the business alarm system, or it can be fitted with a customised alarm, so that there is no intrusion. Besides safety, the exterior shutters offer you thermal and sound insulation and will shade your business on long days of summer when you and your employees want cool shade.

Security measures for your garage

June 12, 2017 Comments Off on Security measures for your garage By Andy

Garages can be an easy entry point for intruders as many homeowners forget to install top security measures in this area. Having a secure home is very important, as it helps protect your personal belonging and deters any unwanted burglars.

You should add garage security to your home security system, making sure this vulnerable area is protected. If your garage has windows, you should make sure they are covered on consider applying a translucent or opaque film to the glass, this way you won’t have any tools or expensive goods on show.

Motion detector lights best for deterring intruders, especially if your garage has a side entry access. Burglars do not want to be seen, and having a bright light shine on them when they get too close is the perfect way to make them rethink about entering your home.

Another important aspect of garage security is making sure the lock is durable and works as a secure locking system. With these simple security tips, you can relax knowing you have adequate security measures in place protecting your home.

Security on your construction site

May 9, 2017 Comments Off on Security on your construction site By Andy

Construction sites are becoming a popular target for theft, crime and vandalism, this is due the expensive tools and machinery left on these sites overnight. Construction sites tend t be left unattended during the weekend, nights and even bank holidays, making this a popular time for thieves to get to work. Tools and other equipment is what the burglars are after, as these items can easily be sold for large amounts of cash, which is exactly what they are after.

If you own and construction site, it is recommended to put in place some preventable measures, such as 24 hours lighting, having the place lit up puts thieves off entering as they do not want to be seen. Secure fencing around the entire area with durable padlocks will make it a hard/ near impossible route in for potential intruders. Also adding CCTV, as this automatically sends thieves away and keeps your site safe and secure, ready for the workmen to get straight to work the next day.

Reasons why you should hire event security for your event.

February 23, 2017 Comments Off on Reasons why you should hire event security for your event. By Andy

There can be an awful lot of pressure attached to planning an event. There are so many things you need to think about; the list could go on for days. The success of the event largely depends on the precise organisation, but even if every minute detail has been planned, it is still possible for it all to go wrong.

Whether your event is for ten people or 1000 people, it only takes one person to take it too far and cause some trouble. Security can often be put to the side amongst the planning of venues, food, music, guests, etc., but it should be at the forefront of your mind. By hiring a security service, you can limit the potential damage that can be caused by your event among the many people you have attending.

Investing in a quality security team is an important way to prevent any emergencies and distress. The team can provide on-site quick action to potential incidents that might be about to happen.