Monthly Archive June 2015

Mobile Surveillance Monitoring

Mobile surveillance monitoring (MSM) is essentially viewing live information coming from your IP camera or cameras on your mobile device. There are many mobile applications on the market that allow you to connect to your CCTV camera, and it means you can check up on your property wherever you are in the word.

Today it’s quick and easy to get connected. The camera usually connects straight to Wi-Fi and it privately streams the data to your mobile device when you’re securely logged in to an application. This clever technology doesn’t’ come cheap, especially if you’re looking for a high resolution stream, but it can give you peace of mind whilst you’re away from home or work, and it should be looked at as a long-term security investment.

A CCTV camera will act as a deterrent, but if the worst case scenario does happen and your property is broken into, you can save the data on your mobile and send it over to the police before the burglar has even had time to take your goods!

The Problems Associated with Finger Print Security

There’s a lot of hype surrounding fingerprint security systems. Today you’ll find fingerprint technology on touchscreen devices like mobiles and tablets, as well as access control systems and safes.

There are some problems associated with this form of security though. Fingerprints can be obtained from mugs, bar glasses, screens, books and well… almost anything. So it is possible for someone to steal your fingerprint and make a fake finger to get access to your belongings.

Another problem is that it is technically possible for two human beings to have the same fingerprints. Okay it would be pretty rare, no doubt, but it is possible, and that has to be a concern. Some fingerprint sensors can actually be tricked too, and come researchers managed to hack a fingerprint sensor using tracing paper and a printout of the fingerprint. The technology is obviously improving and fingerprint security could be the way forward, but you should always have your wits about you.

Will Gated Communities Ever Come to the UK?

The title of this article is a bit of a misnomer, as they are already here. The article is really about; what are the advantages of gated communities, and will we ever see them as regularly as they can be found in the USA for example?

In terms of the advantages of a gated community; you have near absolute control over here can and cannot enter the neighbourhood. This can be both an irritation and reassurance, in the sense that it can onerous to invite guests round to your home, but reassuring that somebody can’t just stroll into your neighbourhood and rob you or your neighbours. The thing is though, a gated community is still only one line of defence, and anyone who is motivated can quite easily cross that line.

Regarding the profligacy of gated communities; the chances are definitely in the favour of there not being many more than there are now. In fact, there is a good chance that the number will actually shrink, due in part to the lack of demand, but also because there has been a lot of pushback politically, as many believe they further segregate the nation along class lines.

Tips for Buying Residential Security Cameras

Buying a home security system including cameras is actually quite complicated. There are a number of pitfalls which could catch you out, so understanding exactly what you need is very important.

When buying security cameras, you need to make sure of a number of factors beforehand in order for it to be useful and easy to manage.

First of all, it could save you a lot of heartache if you buy a system which includes a recording device and control panel – it may amaze you to hear this, but most don’t include that, particularly the cheaper options.

Secondly, you want to get cameras which are easy to install. Some cameras are very difficult to mount to a wall, for instance, so if you’re doing it yourself, or even if you’re hiring someone to do it, it can save you time and money if you get cameras which are design-ready for installing on a wall.

There are a number of other factors which may be worth considering, but those really come down to individual requirements. Things like disguised cameras (which are difficult to spot), or night vision cameras, aren’t a requirement for every situation nor every use, but they can come in handy in some circumstances.